How To Effectively Catch A Cheating Partner

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Truth be told, i was a victim of cheating partner and this prompt me to put up this piece which I share as a true life experience.

It is worrisome to know that marital infidelity is becoming exponentially high due to global economic crisis.

On March 15th, 2017; I listened to a radio programme in the morning when a lady phoned the radio presenter of Radio Continental 102.3 FM in person of Lady O Mary A.A to intimate the general public that the ONLY SON IN A MARRIAGE OF 7 yrs DOES NOT BELONG TO HER HUSBAND.

She has been keeping this secret from her husband for 3 yrs but she is now troubled and restless for concealing the secret. Hence, looking for a way out.

According to the cheating spouse, their only son clocks three this year. She alleged the sexual unproductivity of her husband to low sperm count.

Nevertheless, let us retrogress to my own personal experience on a cheating partner. In the year 2001, I quit my profound proposed marriage because of a cheating partner. She lied to me that her sugar daddy was her uncle.

She always travelled to Ibadan to pay courtesy visit to her sugar daddy whenever she came to spend vacation with me in Lagos. She was based in Kano but was schooling in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Moreover, normally i did not always have cause to doubt her trips, which made me never to attempt checking her bag and baggages within the 2yrs of our romantic relationship.

On this fateful day when she came back from a 2-day trip to her sugar daddy, my instinct just led me to check her bag. Lo and behold, I saw a partly used pack of condoms and  some mint of Naira notes.

I was devastated and she pleaded for forgiveness. Though, I forgave her but I quit the proposed marriage relationship of two years.

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